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The 4CWCW is an intensive dance workshop experience like no other! High above life's hustle n' bustle in a scenic Colorado mountain town, you can truly elevate your dance skills! The 4CWCW immerses dancers into hours of focused workshops, social dances, and private lessons with the pros. Nested in these intimate master classes, dancers receive targeted attention from the best teachers in the West Coast Swing circuit. 


This fall, you can go on a weekend vacation while your dancing sets out on an adventure to all new heights! 

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We've Made It Easy Upgrade Your WCS Skills This Year!

This year at 4CWCW 2023, we are excited to announce professional WCS dancers and instructors Markus Smith and Trendlyon Veal!

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Markus & Tren

About Markus & Tren

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Markus & Tren are one of the most dynamic, inspiring and fun loving couples that are hard to take your eyes off of, even on a crowded floor! They are both Swing Dance Champions under the dance company StuckOnSwing.


You may have seen one of Tren’s Iconic dance videos go viral on Facebook Youtube or TikTok. You may have seen Markus on Bet, So You Think You Can Dance or the movie Love N’ Dancing.


Together they travel across the United States and internationally teaching, competing, judging, and performing at National Swing Dance events. They routinely place amongst the top 5 in the world of Swing Dance competitions and have shared their signature DC Hand Dance style with communities across the US and abroad.


They are most passionate about bringing people together and sharing the gift of dance and music with the next generation. 

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The West Slope Westies heartily thank the City of the Durango and Visit Durango for their generous support of the 4 Corners West Coast Weekend 2023 through a Lodgers Tax Event Marketing Grant! Thanks to your support, our fall West Coast Swing workshops will benefit dancers, locally, regionally, and nationally. 

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